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About GRA

Fifty thousand years ago, a meteorite passed through the earth’s atmosphere from outer space and fell on the United States.Arizona desert. In 1893, French scientist Dr. Henry Moesan(Dr. Henri Moissan) A new kind of mine was discovered in the crater meteorite fragmentsThe substance “Silicon Carbide”.
This great discovery made him the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1905, and this A rare substance similar to diamonds is silicon carbide. Angel’s Covenant Jewelry is based on this And after years of research and development in China’s modern high-tech laboratories, Successfully cultivated ultra-high-quality carbon and silicon crystals in a simulated outer space environment.Independently developed a brilliance artificially cultivated gem-GRA Moissanite. It opened up a new milestone in artificial gemstones and became another kind of jewelry in addition to diamonds. A gem with outstanding brilliance and brightness.